How To Create an Opulent Bed

Have you ever wondered how bedrooms are styled to perfection ? It is a very careful and detailed process, this is not an easy feat. Here are some tips below from the design team at Gatti Design.

  • Start with crisp clean washed ironed sheets/bedding
  • Place your fitted sheet on first paying the most attention to the neatness of the top half ensuring it sits smoothly on top of the mattress particularly the top half which will be the most viasable (especially next to lovely bedsides)
  • add the flat sheet upside down with the side of the large hem at the top, align the hem with the top of the mattress, if patterned, place the pattern upside down and tuck in the sides and bottom corners
  • for a blanket add next and repeat the same as above as with the flat sheet
  • now add the blanket, which should be ready to fold back with the flat/top sheet approx 20cm away from the top of the mattress and tucked in both sides perfectly neat from the top
  • now add the pillows, starting with the Europeans which really start the complete finished look, give them a good fluff followed by the regular pillows, then the scatter/bed cushions.  For the best look shake them so any excess fabric tucked in at the bottom will be released giving them a full neat look at the top
  • Now add the regular pillows, then the scatter/bed cushions.  
  • next add the coverlet as desired or throw, which may be folded neatly at the bottom of the bed underneath, then turn the back of the duvet – see below (pix) or as desired to create a relaxed look
  • now add some style by rolling back the duvet ensuring it is crease free and the corners at the bottom hang neatly each side and is completely centered    
  • now fluff all pillows and bed cushions – there are many different styles and arrangements, find one to suit your style (we will blog on this next time. How to arrange pillows and cushions)
  • now stand back and admire your creation!

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