Inner City Beauties

As I step out my front gate onto the sidewalk for my daily walks, I am taken by the beauty of homes that surround us.

Living in the inner city radius of Brisbane you would expect "for a city" to be breathing in smog and pollution, surrounded by a concrete jungle.  

But No!  I stroll down these streets absorbing every detail of the beauties that appear before me, a smorgasbord of tin and timber homes, painted beautifully a range of differing colours, stairs that protrude up from the welcoming front entry paths, meeting wide verandas with bat-wing or french doors. Timber windows known as casements or double-hung. Finials mark some homes by crowning their decorative gable ends.

I see beautiful gardens, yellow-green hedges, jacaranda and frangipani trees delightful against the back drop of timber dressings.

In comparison to the rest of the world Australia is a young country, but we do have heritage. These homes are our heritage.  They have seen many families live under their roofs.  Families that have seen days of wartime depression, days where stay at home mothers chattered with neighbours over the back fence, children sitting in mulberry or orange trees at the front of these homes watching passes by while eating the fruit.  Days of horse and cart, trams and the very first motorcars toot, toot, tooting down the dirt streets.

When I am considering designs, extensions, interiors for these magnificent homes, I consider their past.  I am always respectful to the era, what the home represents for not only ourselves as owners, but for the city in general.  This is what brings beauty to our inner city suburbs, period homes and their magnificent features.  I do not believe we ever actually own these homes, but are merely borrowing them, sharing a piece of time in the homes history.

Yes of course you can "modernise" a period home, bringing it in-line with todays times and technology, but there are particular ways in "how to do this" without it looking out of place or like a dogs breakfast.  I shall cover this with plans, ideas, selections and many more useful tips as we go.

I will be covering a range of blog posts on the “type” of period homes our city has to offer, their features and how best to address planning for renovations, extensions, design, decorating and most importantly let’s look at the future of these homes.  Where does their future lie? Europe, the UK they all saver period homes, this is what proves their history, the essence of classic beautiful architecture, and one of the main reasons why people are attracted to these countries, culture and architecture.

I believe Queenslander homes provide our city with character, warmth and charm.

And this folks is why I enjoy my strolls with the spaniels, a love and appreciation for our old beauties. 

(Image Courtesy of

They are ALL different, which makes them so unique and appealing.  This changes the visual architectual landscape of the streets.

(Image Courtesy of

Monday's blog post will uncover another of our beautiful inner city "style" of home.  I will be searching my archives for a paper written by me two years ago on Spanish Mission homes.  If I ever had the chance to buy one of these beauties, I would snap it up in an instant.  I hope you are looking forward to discovering what makes them so appealing, and the story behind my favourite of them all.  

(Image curtesy of R Dunston; State Library of Victoria, #b26607)

See you Monday, have a great weekend and thank you for dropping by Gatti Design.

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