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My company blog features a page which encourages readers to communicate, ask questions and seek my help in design projects they are undertaking themselves.  A feature of Gatti Design is a uniqueness with approachability, and to help with encouraging my readers to regularly engage, and never be afraid to ask a question about a room, a structure or colour, finishes, fixtures and fittings. As adressed in my first Blog Post I am always happy to help.

As you will see from this, my next blog post.  A reader emailed a question to me and some photographs to assist her in interior design selections for her daughters room. 

In short, her daughter "Miss 7" had decided she did not want your typical girls room of pink and frills, but rather something a little different.  A brief was put to me of;

  • Storage ideas were high on the agenda
  • Colour Scheme - Yellow and Black and possibly Turquoise; and
  • a room that must grow with her into her teens (as it is an investment to purchase new furnishings so you want to make sure you get it right)
The full brief and response on my Q&A Page is located here.

I also asked my client for rough plans of the room, dimensions and the location of cupboards, powerpoints, doors, windows.

I have completed my research which now includes, the correct dimensioned layout of the room, including the floor plan and a 3D Model with furnishings of the most ideal layout (explained below).

I have also created Miss 7's very own Pinterest Board, where I have documented opinions relative to the brief, suggestions and solutions from pictures sourced from Pinterest.

Below you will find the inspiration I have sourced for this project.  Pictures are cited correctly and the 3D Model is my own work for Gatti Design, as well as the Floor Plan.

                                    (Image Courtesy of The Slipcover Girl)

This is just so stylish and classic ! love for the dresser, you can always paint a mirror and use paint techniques for effect !

                                                         (Image Courtesy of thestir.cafemom.com)

Now this I adore and had in mind when modelling the room, you could paint any glass cupboard to look like this ! but always make sure you use safety glass ! especially in children s rooms !

                                                                (Image Courtesy of Indulgy.com)

This throw is just gorgeous, will tone down the yellow and black and note the mixture of greys and white, balance is key !

                            (Image Courtesy of bodieandfou.blogspot.com and Real Living Magazine)

Ok now this is what grabbed my attention ! Miss 7 loves to have pictures / paintings on her wall, why not style it and keep it in order with this fantastic display of clipboards ! put them above her desk ! and look at the yellow bentwood chair oh I adore this space ! cute little storage set in black to "file stuff away"

                                             (Image Courtesy of one of my favs theyellowcapecod.com)

WOW ! just WOW this would have to be a fav of mine and worth looking at this pinterest site. Adore the chandelier HOW DRAMATIC ! the turquoise is a subtle impact to add hints of colour and the idea the designer had of printing the "room owners" fav pooch to go with' was a great finish.

The following 3D Revit Model is by Gatti Design.  Produced by Lena in an excercise to both "Plan furniture placement by correct dimensions", assit my reader with understanding the spacial layout of the room prior to designing it and to produce some creative models for you my readers. 

I suggest the cupboard doors are sliding in order to acess more floor space for storage items and as children get older spacial requirements are higher on the agenda. Study areas, storage and greater need for clothing and bits and bobs.

I have also placed a generous sized rug within the room to tie it all together. The bigger the floor rug, the more impact the room will have.  Small rugs are like curtains that are too short and finish to the window sill, it makes the space appear smaller and not proportioned.  It is always worth paying that little bit extra for a good sized quality floor rug, it makes such a difference to a room.
I have positioned the desk near to the window and the storage shelves to the left of that.

1/ for fresh air and views from the window;

2/ the power point in located here for computer set-ups;

3/ the shelves give a feeling of privacy enclosure to the desk for focus on school work;

4/ The shelves if dressed well will look great from the view from the bed, so photos and other "cool" stuff will take pride of place.  This personalises the room;

5/ above the desk I would recommend from the Pinterest Board, the "hanging clipboards" to neaten the room and bring some order to art work.

When designing any room a "Principle Of Design" is placing the bed and the rooms most favoured features ie bedsides/dressers on the wall viewed when one looks into the room from the doorway.  

Sometimes this is difficult due to window location or the shape of the room such as "sleepouts", but you will see in the floor plan I have taken this into account. Clearance is always important; space to walk around furniture or get to cupboards, windows, open draws etc. Spacial awareness in a room is paramount.

By placing the chest of drawers by the window it has a clear way to open the drawers, it balances the desk layout at the oppisite end of the room and is well out of the way from acess to the wardrobe.

Items such as wall art (see the pinterest board) picture frames and the like can be placed on this wall and arranged in a decorative way, so when you look into the room you will see a well presented interesting, striking room.

                                                         (Image courtesy of shadesoflight.com)

This is so much fun :) so happy and would grow with her through the teenage years too, you could team it with cushions same chevron pattern and colour and a rug replicating the pattern, but I would recommend this to be in a white and grey !

                                                    (Image Courtesy of dromhemochtradgard.se)

Storage, just like in the model I designed for you on the blog post ! you can also paint the shelving yellow, add bits and bobs. You can find new or second hand shelving sprucing it up with a lovely happy coat of yellow 

The boxes and storage ideas are fab, look around you will find some ! use pictures as your inspiration when shopping for items. Take note also of the wall paper print behind (but always make sure it matches your theme) This is fun and not too babyish !

                                                                 (Image Courtesy of Etsy.com)

                            OMG a must have ! this is just way to cute :) sit this little guy on the shelves :)

So Thank you Wendy from NZ and Miss 7.  I hope Gatti Design has been inspirational, helpful and thorough in helping you work through the design process and I look forward to seeing photos of the end result. Please contact me if there is anything else I can help you with while planning and selecting for this room.

And to ALL of my readers if there is a project I can help you with on the Q&A's Page please either email, message me through the website, text or post a question on the Gatti Design FaceBook Page and I will be happy to help as I have with Wendy's question.

Thank you for stopping by for the "SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL" on Q&A, and I hope you have a fabulous remainder of the weekend.

See you Monday.


Cover Photo - (Image Courtesy of decorpad.com)

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