On the Road with your Interior Designer


WOW! What a week!  Apologies for my lack of blogging this week but I have been flat out with Interior Design work and events.

This week has seen me travel to the leafy suburbs of Ashgrove in Brisbane City.  Ashgrove boasts a gorgeous array of character homes (mostly Ashgrovian) built in the early 20th Century and is a residential area with rare classic beauties.  I visited a wonderful family to advise on Interior Design, Interior Decorating and Building Design work. A home full of potential, a Spanish Mission facade and stunning fireplace, decorative ornate ceilings and stunning views.

I then attended to organising paint and product suppliers for upcoming projects, research, Pinterest boards and arranging and sorting schedules and budgets.

I introduced a NEW member to the team, and am proud to announce that Gatti Design now has a contracted partner, Building Designer Todd.  Todd will be launched shortly on my ABOUT page, so you will be able to read his full profile and be connected to his website.  Todd has been in the building industry all his life, is a highly experienced and licensed Building Designer, who lectures at Griffith University and Southbank Institute of Design.  Todd is a wealth of information and will be sharing his long-standing Building Design experience with readers in the coming weeks.

I further attended "CULT FURNITURE" for a wonderful, informative presentation by a highly-renowned Industrial Designer Adam Goodrum.  The products were stunning, Australian designed products that well and truly meet the Europeon market on high-end designer furniture. Adam was such a nice guy to "talk design" with and has a respected love and passion of good design.  I look forward to featuring Adam's Designs on the Gatti Design website in the coming months and viewing his products once again at InDesign, Melbourne 2014.

                                                         Adam Goodrum Design - Industrial Designer

                                                          Adam Goodrum Design - Industrial Designer 

Lastly, I begin a new journey.  I stepped foot into one of the most magnificent homes I have ever seen. I have been employed as the Interior Designer and Interior Decorator on one of the oldest homes in our local towns. The home sits in all of its glory in Ipswich and is well over 100 years old. It is for the majority, entirely original. During my studies I spent a solid year writing reports and researching every square inch of historical homes in Brisbane and our greater towns such as Ipswich, Toowoomba and North Queensland. This week I had the gracious invitation to attend this old beauty to begin my work.

I parked on the side of the road at the top of the hill in one of Ipswich's most prestigious streets. I was taken aback by all the old period homes, "Old Queenslander" Victorian and Federation homes, some of which dated back to the very late 1800's.

I took the paint sample swatches ready to blue-tak to the walls and all of the paraphernalia in my design kit, to take into the home.

I crossed the road with only slight glimpses of "her" - her name is "Pen Y Llechwedd". The owners advised me that Llechwedd is a town in Wales and Pen Y, means "a hill" in Welsh.  Their guess is that due to her sited position on the hill, she surveys all in the local mining town in Ipswich.  But I will let this story be told by her owners when they soon launch into the story of their journey while renovating this magnificent old home.

                                exterior - sweeping verandahs and glorious hedges line the drive

             The beauty within - pressed metal ceiling, vj panneled walls, original lighting - she has it all

When I crossed the drive, looked up at the old home and surrounds I took a sudden breath in. Before my eyes was a rare beauty, stunning in every way. Everything about the facade was extraordinary. Everything I had read and studied had led me to her, by fate. This was and had to be a special snippet in time, a journey that would teach me great things as a designer, push my boundaries and enthuse the true designer in me. I have always secretly wanted to be a historian in design, protecting heritage beauties and researching them until the well has run dry.

I entered the house and it took me back even more so, to see and experience another era in time, original lights, pressed metal ceilings and OHHH so much more I am yet to share, I literally had goose bumps. And so the journey begins. I have not stopped thinking about the home since I left, she draws you in and you just cannot let go.

                                                             stunning original historical home

I have an appreciation and keen eye for restoring homes to their former glory, an appreciation of their history and the importance of the history of our cities and their meaning and appeal.

                                                                original stained glass fan lights

I have included some glimpses of the old home.

Thank you for stopping by, apologies for the delay in blogging but as you can see my entire week has been consumed, gratefully, with design work.

Lena x

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