The principles of scale and proportion is determined by the size, dimension, shape or colour of an object or structure. It allows a space to feel and look as if it belongs to each other, creating a sense of harmony and visual comfort.

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The interior structure of the high ceilings create the sense of grandeur. The Scale has been well proportioned through the use of a large chandelier which draws your eye sight upwards, creating a focal point.

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This nightstand is a great example of scale and proportion.
The colour is evenly distributed creating a good sense of proportion and the scale is evident through the overlapping of items, creating height.

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The angled stairway wall has been utilised to determine where the items are placed. It would look out of proportion if a small item was positioned at the short end of the sloped wall. Therefore, the use of the lamp at the shorter end creates a sense of height/scale.

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A large sofa requires styling such as cushions and throws to create scale and proportion. Without the accessories the sofa would look oversized and empty

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