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I recently discovered an exceptional stair manufacturer in Victoria, Australia.  Signature Stairs, their stairs are carefully crafted and designed to high specifications. Stairs which captured my attention, stairs which suit a modern bespoke home, stairs which suit period homes and stairs which glide seamlessly to each floor in their almost translucent layout. Curves which wind effortlessly as one ascends and descends each floor.

The balustrading made by Signature Stairs is suitable to each application, decorative wrought iron, glass panels and timber rails, each lending themselves to the style of staircase selected for the era, period and feel of the home.

To make a statement in your home, carefully consider the value in a staircase, where it should be located and the size relative to spacial placement and visual impact and proportions to the entry or space.

Signature Stairs have been manufacturing high quality, spectacular stair cases for well over 20 years. They are based in Melbourne. The company not only assist you in supply and installation of their magnificent staircases, but also assist clients in designing suitable, carefully selected stairs to suit your home and requirements.

One of the most important visual and  structural features of a home can be internal and external stairs. Stairs from a designer’s point of view can be at times, extremely complicated to calculate and design. There are many considerations regarding stair construction which we need to appreciate, such as;

- height restrictions;
- space allocated to fit the stairs precisely depending entirely on mathematical calculations;
- the stair width and size of each individual stair tread/going, riser and stringer;
- material to be used;
- cost (error in size and design to carefully fit in the allocated space can be detrimental to a project and budget); 
- size of stair opening;
- various Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia, restrictions and rules to do with gaps on stairs and balustrades.

I will blog on this topic in greater depth in another "Stair" post on building design components for stair installations, requirements and legislative requirements.

Below you will see examples of some of my favourite stair designs by Signature Stairs. The design transcends beautifully like a ribbon, the black and white contrast is elegant and sophisticated, mixed with timber to provide a classic and timeless finish. Please make sure you pop over to their website to view their stair designs and ask re shipping and assistance with installation if you are outside the Melbourne region also. Mary and the team at Signature Stairs are lovely to deal with and extremely helpful.

                                           Decorative and just simply elegant and beautiful

Just like a ribbon, this set of stairs floats effortlessly to the floors below, it is carefully formed symmetry and it is an art-form in itself

                                                  Such a modern and sophisticated set of stairs.

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed my feature on stairs, such an important feature to consider and select in any well planned interior designed space.  Thank you Signature Stairs, it has been a pleasure to showcase your work :)

L x

* The staircase featured on the cover is a design specific for luxurious french provincial homes.  Incredibly beautiful. 

Lena x

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