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Lena, we have started to sort Miss 7's bedroom.  Interior is black, white and yellow.  Our biggest problem seems to be where to store "her clutter" ? I have put baskets and storage under the bed and we differ on our decorating view !

I like the "scandi" style, as I would like something to grow with her, but she is not wanting a "girly girl" style.

We have looked at Home & Garden and she has selected a picture / style she likes, but I also have another doona set which she likes in a mint/aqua colour.

OMG I think we are very confused !!! 

Wendy, NZ


Wendy thank you so much for your email and im glad you have shared this with me :)  

Yes when children grow up and have their own character they tend to apply this to all things, clothes, school book covers, pencil cases, bikes, hair ties, the list goes on !  But It certainly applies to their interiors as well.  Their rooms are their own identity and as mothers "especially me" we like to design their rooms to incorporate our design style throughout the entire house.

I have just been through the same design journey with my teenage son.  While we live in a period home, he loves modern. Being a designer I insist on styling the entire house, but I do get the teens input on decision making.  If you share in the decision making you end up with a happy medium.  We now have a modern room, incorporating some old pieces, so its a win' win :)

First things first, select a colour scheme.  Generally no more then one or two colours, this will set your theme, thats is if you choose to theme around colour. It also depends on the colour of your walls, will it clash? what else is happening in the room? window frame colour, door styles, cupboards, lighting, window dressings, existing furniture and other items you would like to keep? Look at everything, assess it ! Your window dressings are extremely important especially when using strong colour, I would suggest nutural, this will help to blend and help the room flow seemlessly.

Do not swap to other colours once you have selected your chosen colours, as this can confuse the overall theme ! Make sure if you are using strong colours like yellow or a heavy tone like black that you use them in small quantities. 

You get the same "effect" when selecting accents of say a yellow hue, in a cushion, picture or floor rug.  You are starting to introduce enough of such a happy strong colour "yellow" that you will not dominate the room this way by using it in a "minimal" way. Black can be either oppressive or sophisticated, depending on its application.  Again use in small quantities so that you do not overpower the room. White with these colours, "loads of it" will help tone it down, give a refresh to the yellow and make it softer and cheery.  Black and white is also such a great mix and "very in right now".

It is indeed possible to style a girls room in other colours, such as yellow, blues, aquas etc. Its lovely to see some different ideas and creativity. Yellow is actually the colour of the moment, it is everywhere, bright fresh and HAPPY.  It is the colour of cheer and is very uplifting to the soul :)

I have some ideas for you (especially for storage) and I endevour in the coming fortnight to write a BLOG post for you incorporating some ideas based on your pictures.  I will gather a series of accents, ideas and information together with a pinterest board "just for Miss 7" !!!

In the coming months, I will be stripping right back to bare basics with my posts covering mostly "Design Principles".  This will help you apply strategies when preparing to design or style a room / space, interior or exterior.

Please stay tuned for the post and in the meantime any questions you have or any of my readers, please contact me by Email, Instagram, Twitter or through the Website.  All Questions to me will be posted here with my readers permission and I will answer them promptly for the current month.

I hope I have alleviated some of the confusion of colour selection thus far Wendy, just until I can help with gathering more information for you :)

Kindest regards,

Lena x

Image on front cover courtesy of Pinterest

Lena x

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